Another of the Egernia genus this is Egernia luctuosa, or Mourning Skink. Margaret River, WA (for a close relative of this skink, see the King's Skink, Egernia kingii, a bit earlier)

The Rainbow Skink aka Four-fingered Skink is really a whole genus, named Carlia, comprising at least 32 species (more yet to be discovered?). These here are Carlia rubrigularis. I've seen different species of Carlia all over Australia, always thought they're cute little lizards. No longer. Mossman Gorge, Qld

For your information, Egernia and Carlia are both genera within the Family Scincidae (Skinks), which itself is a Family distinct from the Dragons, Family Agamidae, and the Monitors, Family Varanidae (see below).